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What Makes a Good Entrepreneur

April 18, 2023

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur

There are basic principles that make a good entrepreneur. One should have good communication skills. If you have an appointment, be there on time. If there are some changes, communicate in advance before the time is due.

Customers or business associates will not like to be ignored or not to be informed about any changes from the initial plan. Frustration comes after you fail to fulfil your obligation to any arrangement with your customers or associates.

If you say I will call you after lunch, make sure you dairise it so that you don’t forget. If you say to your customer, we will deliver your product on Friday, make sure you deliver, and if there will be any changes, communication must be done before the due date.

Some so-called entrepreneurs destroy their business because of poor communication and lack of consistency in their business.

Don’t lie to business associates or customers. You may lie about dates, nomater which future date you may choose, eventually that time shall come, if you lied,what would you say when that time comes. Deal with facts and truth. This is the only way you can build your own reputation. Upholds’ integrity will give you a long-lasting legacy, and your name will be remembered for a long time.

I operated in Botswana some decades ago, I left Botswana 13 years ago, but if you can go to a place where I operated my business, people still remembers my name, they still give reference to how certain things should be done using my name as an example. If you Upholds integrity in what ever that you do, people will never forget your legacy.

Develop some leadership qualities. As an entrepreneur, you automatically become a leader. A leader should never listen to gossip. A leader doesn’t hold grudges. A leader should not participate in pet issues. A leader should never show his/her anger in public. Being a leader, you automatically become a parent figure eve to those older than you. A leader should not exercise his/her authority to punish those he or she doesn’t like.

A good entrepreneur focuses on making the client happy by providing genuine goods and services. The entrepreneur should take an obligation to provide goods and services to clients. Those who give you business are your bosses.

A good entrepreneur will avoid arguing with the customer. When a customer brings a complaint, the best you can do is to listen. Open your mouth only to comfort the customer. Don’t defend your product. Don’t attach the customer. Remember, your goal is not to win an argument but 

to win business. In all you do, leave a room for future business.

When a customer brings a complaint, use it to measure the level of your customer service, and don’t feel like you are being attacked. Your response might raise the tamper of your unsatisfied customer. You will 

need to handle such a situation with care.

Don’t forget that the strength of your business depends on your customers.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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