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Time Management.

April 17, 2023

Time Management.

Wasted time never returns. It is a fact that every minute passes, it can never be recovered. This is the reason why I value time more than anything else.

I can lose money and still recover, but I will never recover any waste time. I got very angry when someone wasted my time. If we have an appointment and the person is late, I will not wait for more than 10 minutes after the agreed time.

You will find me gone. I don’t have respect for people who waste my time, whether you are rich or a VIP. If you don’t respect my time, then you don’t deserve my attention.

I have abandoned meetings with ministers, senior officials, or some big names in the community because they don’t respect time. My day is fully packed such that if I allow one person to delay me, the whole day is ruined.

I made an appointment with a certain man of old age to meet in Kwekwe. I had my busy day started in Masvingo, then Zvishavane and Mberengwa before my meet in Kwekwe which was scheduled for 3:30 pm, exactly 3:27 pm I was knocking at his door for a meeting. The old man was very impressed and from that day I earned respect from this man.

Those who have done business with me they know that after an agreement on something, my next question is what time should we meet or what time should it be done. The biggest secret of my success is good time management.

I have this young man who asked me to be his mentor, so I asked how far you were with your business plan. He said, ” I have suspended it because I was busy with wedding things.” I was very disappointed with his answer. If you want to be successful in life, you should train your mind to mult task. It is very important to master mult task.

I have multiple business ventures. I have operations in Zimbabwe in different parts of the country. I have operations in other countries such as DRC, Batswana, and Namibia. I know 90% of the operations. We are into hardware retail, brick production, transport logistics, education sector, and mining. Operating with a workforce beyond 153 employees. I know 90% of our operations.

I read end of day reports from managers, I read more than 10 end of week reports from heads of departments. Give recommendations. I receive an average of 100 calls a day. These are not social calls but business calls that require caculative and authority responses that concern money, people’s lives, and organisations’ reputations. 75% of my time I am on the road driving.

In such a busy schedule, I have trained my mind to remember and know most of the programs without writing them down in a diary and without a personal assistant (PA)

I am giving such examples to illustrate that it is possible to multi task and live a normal life. You should never put your focus on items at a time because you will be left behind.

It’s very rare to have a missed call. It’s either my phone is engaged or I answer the call. I don’t make empty promises. it’s either I am in or I am out.This has built a good reputation with the people I work with. They can trust my promise because of the past reference.

If we agree, I act upon it. I take business so seriously and persist in getting results. I hardly give up, this has made people around me to believe that I have a solution to every problem, so they subject to my command and leadership.

The day you are going to learn to manage time and managing mult task, things will start to sharp in your life and give you a better direction. You might be where you are because of poor time management. The reason you procrastinate is poor time management. Once you become cautious with time, you will not procrastinate.

Manage your time, and your life will be good. Wasted time never returns. Train your mind to multi task, and train your mind to remember.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr
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