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Starting Point.

April 17, 2023

Starting Point.

In Africa, the majority of people live in poverty, and the most cry has been on poor governance and corruption. General public Haa has been subject to extreme poverty, and they keep waiting and hoping that one day they will get a better government that will end their misery and live a better life.

We have witnessed several African countries changing presidents, in some instances changing political parties, and still, it seems like nothing major is changing. The truth is politics is not there better people’s lives but to oppress and rule.
In those developed countries, the scenario was different. Instead of oppressing their own people, they decided to import other tribes, oppress them, and develop their countries at the expense of foreign slaves.

So the game is just the same one way or the other, politics survive on oppressing a certain group of people.
What am I saying in this context? I want to urge every individual to stop relying on or put faith in the government that one day it will change and better their lives.

It’s time now for the general public to start focusing more on developing methods that enable self-dependent. Starting companies and community trusts under tribal chiefs where communities can use resources at their disposal to better their lives.

Africa is naturally rich in minerals, fertile soil, rearing of animals, a good climate for agriculture, and good nature for tourism.
Entrepreneurship in Africa has more opportunities than in any other place in the world. We need to change our mindset and stop depending on the government.

People study aiming to be employed by the government. Now, most graduates are roaming around the streets with diplomas and degree certificates but without a job. 7 years wasted in primary education, another 6 years wasted in secondary education, and 4 to 5 years wasted in universities, a lumpsum spent on education tuition fees from primary level to university but without any skill for self-dependent methods.

We should start learning and equipping our generation as they grow up in a manner that they can survive through entrepreneurship. Agriculture and manufacturing.
With all our resources, we are still importing food, clothes, and equipment, yet all the resources to produce all we need are available in Africa.

We send raw materials overseas at a very lower price, close to nothing, and import finished product double or triple the amount we sold our raw materials.

Poverty in Africa is not because we are poor. it’s only a mindset that we need to reprogramming and believe the fact that our help will not come from politicians or government. Our financial freedom will only come from self dependent mindset through entrepreneurship.

I grew up in extreme poverty, I was never assisted by any government grand or any rich relative, I worked brick by brick, and today, I have employed over a hundred people. Paying tax every year. Helping communities.
It all started with a self dependent mindset and was willing to go through a process of creating a source of income that has grown into a business.

Anyone who hopes and puts faith in politicians and government will die a bitter and disappointed person because the help and the promises that are made year in year out will never come to pass.

The soon the people realise this reality, the better.
Let’s focus on building our own source of income at a personal level. a self dependent mindset will set us free. Look at your surroundings and use any resources at your disposal to earn a living. “NO, BUT”
The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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