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Mistakes in Business.

April 19, 2023

Mistakes in Business

How to manage high demand in business. Start-ups must be taught how to manage the pressure of high demand because a lot of people fail to manage this which eventually lead to the collapse of the business.

Let me give a good example of what I am saying. A man called Terence started a business of carpentry. He was manufacturing build cupboards, fitted kitchens, and all woodwork.

This young was good and the news spread out,so people started to give him more jobs. The pressure started to mount that he was failing to cope. He would do a rushed job just to finish for another job. When customers calls he becomes rude because of pressure. In some cases, he would reject to answer some of the calls from people wanting to give him jobs because he was overwhelmed.

More and more, his job becomes poor, such that after fitting a certain kitchen, doors started to collapse. When people rise complaints, he becomes defensive and rude, failing to return and repair poorly done jobs. People got faded up, news spread, and he lost his clients.

It’s very difficult to rebuild a good image after scandals. Now he has no any business. He I actually doing absolutely something different, and this is how he failed his good potential business that could have grown to a big business.

Terence was supposed to maintain good customer service. As the business was growing, he was supposed to recruit some people and train them to produce good work as himself. He would be able to assign his employees to do other tasks so that the pressure would not be mounted on him.

It is difficult to cope if you, as the owner do the donkey work. Your body will become tired, and when you are tired, you feel burdened, and it will seem as if people are using you and you are doing them a favor by doing their jobs. If you are to participate in actually doing the job, it should not be long.

As soon as you get more jobs, employ people to work for you. The fact is you can’t be in 2 places at the same time. Don’t be greedy to want to take everything to yourself.

I don’t do the actual brickwork. My role is to look for jobs and manage them. I employ people to work for me. But if you check houses constructed by my company, there are similarities even though I execute the job with different builders because I carry the vision.

I always give an example of a horse and trailer truck. The horse is able to pull 30 to 40 tons of a load on a trailer, but it can’t carry the load on its top. It is easier to pull than to carry. So when you employ, you pull the work, not carry work; it’s easier that way.
The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

Financial Discipline.

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