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Mistakes in Business

April 19, 2023

Mistakes in Business

In February 2022, I was in Rwanda, I learned that Lithium was going to be in demand in the future as the world is moving to green energy and electrical motor mobile. I was privileged to meet a certain man from America who is a very respected man. When he heard that I was from Zimbabwe, he said Zimbabwe is among African countries that have a high deposit of Lithium. Does your country permit you to extract the minerals? I said yes, it does. He said you should consider investing in Lithium mining.

Immediately that evening, I contacted my friends in Zimbabwe and my manager to facilitate and register some claims of Lithium. I registered more than 450 hectares of Lithium claims.

Remember, I didn’t have any knowledge in this field. The correct formula was for me to learn that industry first, then consider if it is worth investing my money in that sector. Unfortunately, the circumstances forced me to act without enough research.

When I returned to the country, I pursued the deal and did physical visits to the areas that I had pegged. At first, I didn’t know what Lithium looked like, I engaged some geologists for some research. I had to learn everything very fast. Unfortunately, in the process, I lost a lot of money.

People in this sector are so deceiving. They don’t tell the truth. Their aim is to get money regardless of the results. At first, I would pay people for services such as what they claimed as a discovery fee. This is an amount paid to the person who claimed to have discovered the place. But without proper exploration, there is no evidence of the existence of the intended mineral. So I paid a number of people, unfortunately later to discover that there was no expected mineral.

In this process, I lost more $70 000.00, traveling from one corner to another. Drive my car across rivers, poor roads, mountains, and bushes. Of these so-called peggers, some of them are just scammers. They focus on extortionate money out of innocent investors.

I learned it the hardest way. There is a lot of stealing, lying, fraud, and deception that is happening around pegging and mining of minerals in Zimbabwe. This happens mostly from the mine peggers and communities. At some point, the CID police department plays a role in these corrupt activities.

From my experience, I learned the following: please, if you have an interest in mining, take time to read this;

Don’t send people in the process of pegging. You should personally get involved and follow up on all procedures, from obtaining a prospecting mining certificate to pegging and mapping the blocks. Submission of papers and make sure your name and ID number are reflected correctly on the application papers.

Make sure that the pegger goes on site physically and gets coordinance, put temporary becomes.

Don’t allow the pegger to do air pegging from his office using satellite GPS.

When you have your mine registration certificate, do an exploration before you bring in equipment to start mining.

Don’t do guesswork. Either bring a Diamond Rig Drilling machine to drill and know the nature of the underground pattern. This is important before you start extracting minerals.

People will just start to excavate without proper exploration. An excavator machine charges about $180.00 per hour. This is a lot of money that you can’t afford to party with unless you are sure that the mineral exists underground.

I had to learn a lot of things in a few spaces of time. Even though I learned it the hard way, I lost some money. At least now I have better knowledge, and I will do it the right way.

In business, we make mistakes. Try to avoid such mistakes because you may become bankrupt.

Research first before investing your money in any business.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

Mistakes in Business.

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