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How to conduct yourself around a wealthy person.

April 17, 2023

How to conduct yourself around a wealthy person.

In 2016, I was privileged enough to meet a young millionaire in Zimbabwe. This young man is very humble but achieved a lot in his early 30s.

When we met, I didn’t know he was that wealthy; he would visit me at my office, I would visit him also. One day, he shared with me his experience when he wanted to buy a private jet, that they refused to sell him until he got a recommendation from a well-established billionaire from Angola. I liked it when he was invited to put his signature on the parts of his plane in the process of assembly.

Fast forward, I know he is rich, but not a single day. I have never asked for any financial help from him. We talk every time and share life events and achievements. He has properties in America, Dubai, and South Africa. He always invites me to travel in his 16-seater private jet, but our schedule always opposes.

When I started my project in DRC, I needed at least $500 000.00, I could have asked him, but to maintain our friendship, I decided not to.

For the past 8 years, we have been good friends. He has never given me money, I have never asked for money from him, and this has strengthened our friendship. What he has offered is good networking. Whoever I contact through his reference, I am treated with utmost respect. His connection has added more value to my life than if I were to be given money. He said one day, Mufudzi wemombe, do you think if one of your immediate family members is on emergency and needs medical attention outside the country, obviously, I will send my plane to assist.

I have witnessed people when they are friends with a wealthy person. They’re hurry to ask for money. Share their personal problems in order to get sympathy and money.

Wealthy people hate parasites. People who need money are quickly avoided and will not be given access.

I once went out to eat with some fellows, and I paid a bill of around $179.00 for 4 people. One of the guys said this is way beyond my monthly rentals. If he could have given us that money, we would cover our rentals.

This is where people get it wrong. Being invited is a privilege. It doesn’t mean that if you were not invited, the person would not have gone there. It’s a lifestyle that you are invited to taste. It’s an opportunity to learn, associate, and become familiar to a certain lifestyle. It’s not good to compare or wish that the money could have been used for something different.

You will never receive free money from a wealthy person because they understand that money must not be given. It must be earned.

Every opportunity that you get to associate with a wealthy person takes it as an opportunity to learn, networking, and a privilege to taste how good life is. It’s not an opportunity to ask for money. Try to manipulate for personal gain.

I don’t know why people think that wealthy people are weak or stupid. If that was the case, they would not have managed to establish their wealth.

Wealthy people are smart and intelligent and know almost everything because information is given to them by those seeking their favours.

Wealthy people know what is happening in the corridors, board rooms, parliament, or any decision-making gathering. They will know before it is even published. So never think that they are stupid. In every group, the wealthier knows everything that everyone says behind their back because everyone is reporting everything seeking favours.

I had opportunities to associate with wealthy people since when I was a small boy, and I behaved in a manner that made them put me much closer to their personal lives.

Don’t kick your blessings by thinking small. Always put your eyes on the bigger price.

Don’t ask for small things where you can benefit lifetime achievement.

Don’t gossip others with a wealthy person, it’s a turn-off. Don’t ask for money. Don’t suggest what the wealthy person should do with his money. Only bring constructive conversation.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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