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April 17, 2023


There are some entrepreneurs who avoid growth deliberately because they have no ability to manage a big group. It is very difficult to manage a big group of adults. You will need a good system to control loose and misconduct.

When my employees reached a 233 at some point, I could feel the challenge that I experienced to reduce misconduct, absenteeism, theft, fighting, etc.

When you gather a group of adults in one place there is always a cheos, you will need a good system to manage the people.

My business falls under construction, which is mainly a male dominated industry. However, we have a policy that HR office is reserved to women as a way of promoting gender balance. So imagine a female dealing with a group of male employees.

There are precautions that should be put in place, that is, job description, code of conduct, and morning talk every day on assembly to remind each other about rules and laws of the organisation.

I would safely say Barmlo is one of the organisations that have most disciplined people you would love to work with. We sometimes employ people with tough characters, but as long as the person works with us for a certain period, he/ she will adjust to good behaviour.

If you want growth, you may not be able to avoid employing people. The more you employ people, the more you add risks and liabilities.

There should be a system to manage people, correct disciplinary committe, and a firm command.

You would need to learn to treat all employees with fair and without favour. To exercise constancy in discipline without changing measures when dealing with certain individuals.

There is a need to have a chain of command and communication channel that should be respected at all times, if you have a big number of people and your communication is poor, you will have a disaster time and again. You need to emphasise and make sure that communication channels are observed without any compromise.

Information or instructions should come from one centre point. No any instructions should be taken from any sources within the company unless from the selected point of communication.

Disciplinary action must be taken to those who acted in a misconduct manner. Nothing should never be taken lightly. Any action of misconduct should be corrected as and when happens.

Once your rules and laws of the organisation are understood, your organisation will be the most effective in terms of service delivery, and it will grow into a large entity.

Growth should be accompanied by good structure, policies, and laws that regulate all operations.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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