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Good Mindset.

April 17, 2023

Some people believe that poverty is a generational curse. They don’t believe they can amount to anything. Therefore, they have stopped trying. They have accepted their position of living in poverty and solely depend on handouts from well-wishers.

I want us to discuss the power of your mind. It is proven that we become what we think. Avoid meditating on the negative because whatever you feed your mind, you become.

We had a discussion with a couple of colleagues sometimes, and the majority were saying they couldn’t start a business because they don’t have capital; given capital, they will do exceptional in Business. I told them that it’s possible to raise capital for themselves if they wanted, and I gave them an example. In Africa, most men who are married right today have raised about $5000 or more to pay the pride price to their inlaws. 

In a short time, they raised again about $5000 or more to cover for the white wedding. That could bring a total of $10 000.00, but if they need only $3 000.00 to start a business, they will tell you that they can not raise such an amount on their own. The actual sense its not that they can not, but in their minds, they have told themselves that its impossible.

I have come to believe that most failures are due to the wrong mindset of which if that is corrected, we will witness more people succeeding and progressing in their lives.

Why can’t you try today. Don’t look far. Just use the resources at your disposal and convert them into monetary value. Some people are broke, but with bags full of old clothes that they don’t use, why not consider selling them out, is it because of pride?

Some people own land, so why not farming on the land? Is it because of maintaining a certain status?

Some people are broke but have more than one car, so why not sell one? Is it because of fear of what people will say?

Some people are using the latest phones but still broke. Why not downgrade? Is it because of trying to maintain a certain status?

The list can go on and on, and the bottom line is that we should think smart. A good mindset is a treasure that will liberate one from self prison.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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