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Focus and Faith.

April 17, 2023

Focus and Faith.

This generation needs to hear this, don’t be angry because you don’t have a good life, and don’t spend more of your time in negative thinking. Don’t follow or associate with people who speak negatively and spread negative information all the time. The more you feed your mind with negative thoughts, the less productivity you become.

There are people who are angry at life,angry at anything. You may wonder why someone can just come out of nowhere to attack you for things that don’t involve them. It’s a process to train your mind to see positive in life. You should start by surrounding yourself with positive people, positive attitude, and positive mindset.

After I lost my parents, life became so hard. In some instances, I could go for 2 to 3 days without food. Life had become worthless. It seemed like the future was dark. There was no sign of a better life. Life became harder each day as I went. I was abandoned by relatives. Left all alone, I could have chosen to live in the streets, do drugs, and engage in any sorts of negative activities.

I used to cry for sympathy, and people would help me with food or comfort with words. There is only one day when I said to myself, ” I can change my situation.” To this day, I remember that day when I made this decision. I started to look at life in a positive way. I started buying and selling sweets at school. I would buy sugar and bake sweets out of sugar, selling at school. This was the beginning of my entrepreneur journey.

When I say my life is a living testimony, this is what I would refer to. I experienced poverty to a level that no one has ever imagined that one day we would tell a different story.

This message is directed to anyone today whom his/her life is in poverty. You don’t need to be angry. You don’t need to give up. Look around yourself. There is something somewhere somehow that you can use to elevate yourself. Don’t look at something illegal or unethical , and look for something decent that one day when you look back, you can be proud of yourself and be willing to share such a testimony.

It will start with that one step. Yes, it’s not going to be easy, but the more you keep trying, the more it will become easier.
Work on the land, grow vegetables, tomatoes, or work as gardener, housemaid, and save your earnings towards your dream.
When I was a teenager, I worked in a construction industry to raise money to start my company. I remember sometime I would mold 12 bags of cement a day. Dig a 1.5 x 2.5m length and 2m deep toilet pit in 2 days, digging a house foundation of 20m x 8m , 70cm deep in 3 days alone.

I remember sometime when we building Mr Frank Tobedza’s house in Masunga, I dug the foundation of his house alone, that time there was a operation where soldiers were arresting illegal immigrants in Botswana, they approached me, but instead of asking for my passport, they asked for Mbanje, they didn’t believe that a person with a sober mind would do such a job alone, after their assessment and satisfied that I was not under influence of drugs, the commended me for good job and left.

If you may go to a place called Masunga, I left a record of hard working, good behaviour, a loving and helping person. This is not common to find such qualities in a poor person. The lesson I learned is kindness, love, hard working, consistent and focus can bring about absolutely good results in a person’s life.

I am not suggesting that everyone should go through the same process I went through. There are many formulas to overcome poverty. You may use my experience as a yardstick to build your faith and propel your efforts towards changing your life.

Those who know me now find it difficult to believe this past events because they see a well established man.
What I am saying today is don’t give up. You are capable of changing your life. Your success is your responsibility. No-one will come to do things for you.

Some will say what if I am failing, what if I tried several times and nothing seems working for me, my answer is, keep trying because trying is the only option you have. Keep pushing until one day you will find your breakthrough.
Each time you try and fail, take a break, Strategise a new method and try again. Don’t keep using the same method and hope for different results.

What I know is that each time you try and fail, there is a lesson to learn, such lessons are vert important as they prepare you for greater things to come. Don’t be discouraged, failing is a process to perfection.

The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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