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Financial Management.

April 18, 2023

Financial Management.

No matter how difficult it may seem, Never use all your money and be left with nothing. It is imperative to always set aside something before spending.

If you earn $100.00, make it a point you set aside as little as $10.00. If this habit is done every time, in the long run, you will find yourself possessing a good amount of money. 

Now, when you set something aside, forget that it exists. Don’t often remind yourself about this money set aside. Ignore it and never think about it. Even in a time of struggle, pretend as if this small figure doesn’t exist. Learn to live and survive without touching your savings.

The truth is, if you have money in your pockets, money always comes to you. If you do any business deal and you have some money aside, the deal has more chances to pay off as compared to negotiating a business deal with empty pockets.

This money set aside should only be used when you are in the event of death or life. Maybe you or your immediate family member has to go through an emergency operation. Facing jail charges and needing a lawyer or any crucial circumstances threatening their or your life.

 Otherwise, all other struggles can be handled in different ways without touching your savings.

The honest fact is that financial demands in our lives are and will always be there. Each time, they seem as if you will not see tomorrow, but somewhere, somehow, you pull through. Learn to do that without touching your savings.

One thing that you must never ever do is to borrow money and use it a tender business that you have been awarded. Or borrow money to start a new venture.

New ventures usually fails, how will you pay back the money. Tenders often take time to pay. How will you meet the deadline to pay back the money. In short, don’t gamble with borrowed money.

The secret to success is always spend less than your earning. The moment you spend more than what you earn, you are slowly digging yourself under a debt lifestyle that will stick to your life until death. You will never enjoy any financial freedom in your entire life. So please spend less than earning. That’s the best formula for a healthy, stress free lifestyle.

Never be ignorant and hope for a miracle. Life is about facts.

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The Herdboy C.E.O, Dr

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