Nformi Global Business

We are a multifaceted and purpose-driven company assisting you to make your dream a reality in the available domains of services we offer. We are committed to making your goals achievable.

What We Do

Travels And Tours

For those willing to go out of the country for work, studies, or tourism

Real Estate

We offer rental services and the purchase of land [title] & cars

Rental of Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy-duty trucks available for rent for construction companies

Meet the Top Officials

Mr Nformi Franklin

Mr Nformi Franklin

CEO & Founder

Business Consultant

Nformi Celia

Nformi Celia

Customer Service Officer

Marketing Manager

Bernadette Azinwi

Bernadette Azinwi

Flight Agent

Trip Advisor 

Team Gallery

We offer secured and effective services such as Visa processing, Pickup at the airport, Passport Ease assistance, Double Identification, and International Hotel Reservations.

Our business also focuses on Touristic activities, Real Estate, Import and Export, Purchase of Land, and Car rental services.

Contact Us

Douala, 4etage Bonaberi, opposite EcoBank

+237 674 384 148