Why should we prefer the electronic signature

The signature is the graphic design by which an individual manages to identify himself in an act. He uses it on any document whose content he approves. Basically, it is done by hand. However, the advent of technology has made it possible to reinvent the concept of signing by making it digital. This is a type of paraphage that provides a lot of advantages over the handmade one. Why should we favor the use of digital signatures in companies? Find out more in the rest of this article.

Digital signature speeds up the signing process
Business leaders who use electronic signatures agree that signing time is reduced from five days to just 37 minutes. This also means a significant increase in the process of initialing a promise to hire .

Often, clients put aside the document to be signed while waiting to find time to get it out. This greatly lengthens the process. The electronic signature removes these limitations and reduces the average to less than an hour.

The electronic signature is secure
An approved and certified electronic signature is placed so that any changes are tangible. Consequently, it is less easy to forge documents marked in this way. It just means that no one can copy or rewrite your digital signage.

The electronic signature preserves the environment
It is impossible to approach the electronic signature without emphasizing its positive contribution to the environment. As expected, this helps reduce the excessive use of paper and energy. By opting for the digital signature, the digitization of documents is necessary for companies. Consequently, they participate enormously in the reduction of environmental pollution by saving several tons of paper each year.

Digital signature prevents loss of documents
When you sign documents with your electronic signature, you can be sure that they do not get lost in the archives. Such type of initialing trains you to keep your document in digital format. Therefore, your files are present on your computer as well as in your cloud. You can also be sure that your signature is still on the document and that you won’t forget it.

Electronic signature helps save space
As mentioned above, the use of the digital signature implies the preservation of documents in digital format. Thanks to this, you save space in your premises. In fact, you no longer have to keep all the documents in your workspace. Now you can use all the space freed up for better things.
In short, the digital signature offers the advantage of saving time by speeding up the signing process. Thanks to this type of paraphage, it is possible to save space and participate in the preservation of the environment. By using the digital signature, you guarantee the inviolability of your signature, because it is almost impossible to reproduce it. It should therefore be used if you want to enjoy the security it provides.

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