Top 5 tools for the web entrepreneur

If the number of web entrepreneurs is constantly increasing, it is thanks to the success of this sector of activity. However, there are a number of important tools that have revolutionized this field and that make these professionals so effective.

If you want to succeed in your web entrepreneurship, here are the top 5 tools for the web entrepreneur that you must know.

The tools to create a website

As an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have your own site. And for the creation of the site, WordPress is the best tool.

The Wix
The wix offers us a more user-friendly solution that is accessible to everyone with the drag-and-drop interface. It also allows you to create websites for your business.

The Blogger
The Blogger is a free platform from Google that facilitates the creation of blogs. It allows people to publish web content .

The tools to create the visuals
This type of task is very common in this sector. There are specific tools to do this.

The Canva tool
For the easy creation of visuals for your marketing projects or your startup , use Canva which offers several models tailored to your area of activity.

The Pixlr tool
For a good management of your visuals on the internet , the Pixlr tool is also one of the most important services. It is photo editing software that improves the sharpness and saturation of images.

Tools for managing social networks
Having become essential for web entrepreneurship, using these platforms effectively requires the use of certain tools.

The Buffer tool
This tool allows you to manage all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others in one place. It is a valuable tool that the web entrepreneur must have recourse to in the exercise of his profession.

The HootSuite tool
This tool plays a role similar to the Buffer tool. It allows you to program the posts of your social networks from the same application.

Tools to manage customers
These tools include:

Survey monkey
The Survey Monkey is a survey and form creation tool that collects valuable information for a marketing strategy.

Salesforce is a very useful global tool in customer relationship management or CRM for the benefit of businesses.

Google and Facebook tools
Google analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that has the ability to analyze the depth of your customers’ activity. It promotes the collection of a list of important data for the development of your marketing strategy and your business .

Google drive
Google Drive is a very useful storage tool for any entrepreneur. It allows the contractor to store his work documents and share them securely .

Google ads
Google Ads is an online advertising tool that facilitates the sale of products and services. You can use it for building awareness of your brand. And if you want to increase traffic to your website , don’t hesitate.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads allows precise targeting of people , taking into account gender, marital status, occupation, country, city, neighborhood, religion, hobbies and others to serve ads.

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