What are the main steps for the creation of a transport company?

There are now many companies specializing in the transport of goods , goods and people. Before these companies see the light of day, they must follow certain steps. Without a minimum of knowledge, it is easy to get lost during the procedure. Discover in this guide, the main steps for setting up a transport company.

Obtain transport capacity
Obtaining transport capacity is one of the important phases in setting up your transport business. This certificate is mandatory and can be obtained in several ways. You have the possibility to take an exam following training in an approved structure. The duration of this must be at least 250 hours.
It is also possible to obtain it by doing an equivalence if you hold a BTS diploma in transport or a DUT in transport and logistics. In addition, people with at least ten years’ experience in the management of a transport company are exempt from this examination.

Define the status of your transport company
Your transport company must be installed taking into account a status . The different statuses that exist are:

  • SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company)
  • SARL (Limited liability company)
  • SASU (Simplified Joint Stock Company)
  • EURL (Sole proprietorship with limited liability)

The choice of a legal status will depend on your needs and the mode of operation that your business should adopt.

Deposit the share capital in the bank
To have a share capital , you must create a bank account in the name of your company in a bank. In this account you have to deposit an amount. The latter varies depending on the type of vehicles to be used. Thus, you need 1,800 euros for a first vehicle whose weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes. For each automobile of the same type added, you must complete 900 euros.
When the weight of the vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonnes, you need 9,000 euros for the first machine and 5,000 euros for each additional automobile.

Request accreditation from DREAL
After accepting your transport capacity and your social capital, you can send your file to the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL). This process will allow you to obtain the approval that your company will need to provide its services.
Ultimately, the creation of a transport business requires following several steps. After obtaining your transport capacity and drafting your legal status, you must deposit your share capital and apply for approval.

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