How to choose your ERP supplier?

The use of an ERP within the framework of a company is of vital importance for the good progress and the automation of the management processes. However, it is just as important to choose the right supplier. In this article, we will see how to choose your ERP provider.

ERP: Definition
ERP is the diminutive of the English words Enterprise Resource Planning that can be translated into French by Integrated Management Software for ERP . We can therefore deduce that it is an integrated business management software, but this definition is not complete.

In fact, ERP or ERP is the set of modules to automate business management processes . We are therefore not talking about one, but several software that have the particularity of having a unique database . Hence the importance of choosing the right ERP supplier. If one or more of the software (modules) is missing, the program will lose performance .

Choose your ERP supplier
The first criterion for finding a good ERP supplier is therefore the number of modules included in the program . Generally speaking, an ERP should be able to provide purchasing management, sales management, business management, accounting management, gadget management and inventory management . If one of these modules is missing, it is better to turn to another ERP supplier.

Conversely, if the ERP supplier offers other modules in addition to the previous list, the program would be even easier to use.

The second criterion to adopt when choosing the ERP supplier is the management system proposed by it . If, for example, you have a dropshipping site to manage, an inventory management system won’t do you much good. Instead, you will need to opt for a module to automate orders from different suppliers .

Finally, it is also important to take into account the price of the software . Indeed, it is preferable to opt for paid ERP software knowing that free software is often unreliable . At this point, it’s up to you whether you want a more affordable solution to save money or a more expensive, arguably more reliable supplier.

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