What is the price of a funeral plaque?

Funeral plaques are accessories used to pay tribute to your loved ones. Many people adopt it to write a touching message for the deceased. However, some hesitate, wondering what the price of a funeral plaque is. Find out in this article the answer to this question.

How much does a funeral plaque cost
On the market, funeral plaques exist in different forms. Indeed, the materials used in the manufacture of funeral plaques are numerous. These are materials such as marble, granite, glass, metal and even bronze feet.

Given the variety of grave markers, prices also vary from one grave marker to another. Likewise, the larger the funeral plaque, the higher its price. The cheapest funeral plaques on the market are those made from granite, bronze feet, or metal. So to get this type of funeral plaque you must plan between € 25 and € 100. For example if you want a 20cm granite funeral plaque for example you will have to pay a sum of around 30 €.

What is the price of a funeral plaque?

On the other hand, funeral plaques made from other materials cost a little more. For people wishing to obtain said glass plates, the budget to be expected is higher. Usually the cost is between 150 € and 300 € taking into account the size of the glass funeral plaque. Admittedly the price of this type of plate is high, but most often the glass plates are supplied with a granite base.

How much does a personalized funeral plaque cost?
Note that you have the option of purchasing personalized funeral plaques. That is, plates that will be retouched will be your tastes and preferences. You have a right of choice on the background of the plate, the shape and color of the plate and finally the text inscribed on the plate.

In this case you should know that it is granite or glass the price does not really vary. Rather, the price varies depending on the size of the funeral plaque to be personalized. So to offer a personalized funeral plaque 15-20 cm wide you need a sum of 60 €.

As for the 21 * 39 plates, you need to plan a sum of 160 €.

In addition, to obtain funeral plaques in other forms (heart, star) the price to be expected is very high. Here the budget is between 180 € and more.

Where to buy funeral plaques?
Getting a funeral plaque these days is no longer a complex task. Indeed there are several options to make your job easier. Funeral plaques are available in stores. They are also present in shops specializing in funeral accessories or on websites.

In addition, you can also order a plate from a mirror. Regarding personalized funeral plaques, the best would be to order from a specialized company.

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