What is the best co-sleeper?

Taking care of your newborn involves protection and monitoring of the latter at all times. Even while he is asleep, you need to be mindful of him. This is where co-sleeping is useful to you. Indeed, they allow you to sleep alongside your child without disturbing him. This type of bed is available in several brands. But some models stand out from others because of their advantages and features. So what is the best co-sleeper? Find out here.

Next2Me Dream, the best baby bed
Chicco ‘s Next2MeDream crib model is arguably the most popular on the market. It presents excellent value for money. In addition, most of those who have tested it are very satisfied. The equipment allows the newborn to sleep next to his parents and therefore feel their presence. As a result, he feels safe , enjoys a peaceful sleep, and so do you.

The advantages of the Next2Me Dream cradle
The Next2Me Dream co-sleeping bed can be used for newborns during the first six months after birth. Thanks to its characteristics, it is much more advantageous than most other cribs.

The opening and closing system
The Chicco Next2Me Dream has a quick opening and closing system that allows parents to reach the baby, regardless of his position in the cradle. It is very practical to console it, to rock it or to feed it in the middle of the night.

Toggle mode
The rocking mode of this co-sleeping is used to adjust the cradle in a position which favors the sleep of the child. It is very easy to activate and is fully adjustable . In addition, it is possible to tilt the bed if necessary to allow the infant to digest his food or to promote his breathing.

This is one of the biggest advantages of this co-sleeping model. It can be installed so that it can be connected to the parents’ bed without the child risking falling. There are over a dozen different positions and heights that allow you to adjust it properly.

In addition, its side faces are made of mesh to facilitate ventilation. Because of this, you can also have a constant eye on your baby while keeping him in his crib.

In order to prevent the cradle from moving on its own during the night, the Chicco Next2Me Dream is equipped with 4 wheels and a very efficient braking system. Likewise, once attached to the parents’ bed, it cannot be detached from it without your intervention.

The practicality of the baby bed
The Next2Me Dream bed has a bag for storage and transport . It weighs only 9 kg and can therefore be moved anywhere and easily. It should also be emphasized that it adapts as the baby grows.

In short, remember that the best co-sleeping is the Chicco Next2Me Dream. It is very practical, easy to use and guarantees optimal safety for your child.

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