What are different ways to get divorce?

After several years of living together, it is common to see the spouses divorce. Divorce is a procedure that can have as its origin several reasons. It is these last which make it possible to define the type of divorce which is appropriate to satisfy the desire of each party. Discover in this guide the different ways to get a divorce.

Divorce amicably
Amicable divorce is characterized by the will of both parties to separate by mutual agreement. The future divorcees then fully assume the consequences that this may entail, in particular for the custody of the children and the separation of property . Still called divorce by mutual contractual consent, amicable divorce is more practiced in France. To start such a procedure, you need to contact a lawyer. You can thus ask MaƮtre Henri Viguier to follow you.

The lawyers are responsible for drafting the agreement for the assisted divorce of the spouses. This document is then sent to the notary after the signature of both parties. The amicable divorce procedure can take about a month.

Divorce accepted
The accepted divorce takes up one of the characteristics of amicable divorce. In fact, the parties involved have the will to separate except that they do not agree on the consequences (separation of property, custody of children, etc.) caused by the divorce. More expensive than divorce by contractual mutual consent, it is also longer . To decide between the future ex-husbands, a reconciliation hearing will then be organized after the file has been examined by a judge.

The price of such a service varies from one practice to another. It is therefore advisable to compare several prices to choose the one that suits you best.

Divorce for fault
In your married life , it is possible that several scenes or acts of your spouse make your life difficult. It can be violent behavior, infidelity, an expensive nature, etc. You can then, with the help of a lawyer, initiate a request to initiate a contentious or faulty divorce . You must also justify your motivations through a written certificate by witnesses other than your children.

Unlike an amicable divorce, one of the spouses will leave at the end of the procedure with more advantageous consequences .

Ultimately, there are different types of divorces. You can distinguish between amicable or contractual divorce, accepted divorce and fault divorce. Depending on the relationship between the spouses and certain facts, one type of divorce may be more appropriate than another; hence the usefulness of a lawyer.

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