How to request a birth certificate online?

The birth certificate is a document that appears in the title of civil status documents according to French law. Issued upon the birth of a child, this document is recorded and entered in the civil status register of the municipality of birth of its holder.

The birth certificate is a document that is often requested, in the context of administrative procedures such as divorce, civil partnership or marriage. Thanks to the dematerialization of procedures, you can now apply for a birth certificate online. How? ‘Or’ What ? Where ? What is the deadline for obtaining it?

How to get your birth certificate online?
Since the dematerialization of certain administrative procedures has been recorded, it is possible to request your birth certificate via an electronic administrative counter . The site authorized for this purpose will depend on the nature of the act, but also on your place of birth.

A person born in France
If you were born in France and wish to request a full copy of your birth certificate , you must access the electronic portal of the Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (Dila). Once on the platform, you will proceed to your identification via the FranceConnect platform.
You can use an existing account to do so (, Depending on the account you have chosen, enter your username and password. You will then enter the information that will be requested and validate the request.

What about administrative delays?
When you were born in France and request a full copy or an extract of the birth certificate, it takes a few days to receive the document by mail , to the address you have provided on the online form. It is still important to specify that at this level, the time may vary depending on the processing time by the competent services and the mail delivery time. However, the authorities are working to reduce the delay as much as possible.

If you were born abroad, you will get your birth certificate within approximately 20 days.

Online birth certificate request: who is authorized to do so?
The online application for a birth certificate can relate to a full copy or to an extract with or without parentage . It is precisely the type of act that determines the profile of the person authorized to make the request.

Full copy case
You can request and obtain a full copy of the birth certificate online, provided you are:

the holder of the document (adult or his legal representative);
the holder’s husband, wife or civil partnership partner;
an ascendant of the holder (father, mother, grandparents);
a descendant of the holder (child or small child);
a legal representative of the holder, a lawyer for example.
These people we have just listed can request a copy of a birth certificate without any time limit . On the other hand, the holder’s uncles and aunts, and all the people not appearing on this list can initiate such a request only under certain conditions.

Case of extract with parentage
The people authorized by law to request a birth certificate extract with filiation online are exactly the same as those mentioned above . Their room for maneuver in this case is unlimited and they can apply at any time.
As regards the prohibitions, they apply under the same conditions as above. That is to say, uncles, aunts and other interested persons can request an extract with filiation (or a complete copy) within certain deadlines:
within 100 years if the person is a minor,
75 years from the year following the date of birth or marriage of the holder if he is alive;
25 years if the latter is already deceased.
It is therefore relatively easy to apply for a birth certificate, especially since the online procedure is very fast and accessible to everyone.

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