Where to invest your money in 2021 without risk?

Unstable and volatile markets can undermine your confidence in risky investments like stocks. This is why many investors put their money in safe investments when volatility hits. Safe, more stable, low-yielding investments help protect your cash flow and can even generate modest growth in tough times. If you are looking for havens from tough markets, here are some investment ideas that will interest you.

The savings account
Savings accounts are the most basic of all types of savings. They are best if you need immediate access to your money and are a place to keep money for short periods of time.

They offer very little risk, but at the same time, they also offer very little return. Typically, the savings account will earn you less than a percentage of interest. On the other hand, you will be able to benefit from it anyway. Savings accounts give you quick access to money, either through online banking or in person. You have virtually 24-hour access to your money at any time.

Treasury titles
Treasury securities are government debt securities issued by the Treasury Department to finance government spending.

Without going into the details of Treasury securities, it is important to note that this is an essential way for the government to raise funds. This, in order to pay both its projects and its debts. These are some of the safest investment channels.

There are several ways to buy treasury securities. The most widespread way is to buy from your traditional brokerage house.

The Housing Savings Account allows you to invest your money in order to carry out a real estate project. Once the savings are accumulated, the sum obtained will make it possible to benefit from a state premium, in addition to a mortgage negotiated under certain conditions. This savings product has a ceiling of 15,300 euros and the minimum initial payment must be 300 euros. Likewise, each deposit into the account must be at least 75 euros. In addition, the interest rate of the CEL is 0.25% and it can be capitalized on December 31 of each year. Thus, each year, the interest is added to the remaining capital. These are interests that are subject to income tax as well as social security contributions. They are therefore subject to a flat-rate levy of 30%. This,

Unlike the PEL home savings plan, the CEL does not require the funds to be blocked: savings are always available. Anyone can open a CEL whether you are an adult or a minor. It is only forbidden to own more than one.

The local investment fund, FIP
Placing your money at the level of a Local Investment Fund means investing in the real economy by supporting regional SMEs. When you subscribe to units in this type of fund, you have a tax reduction which is equal to 25% of the amounts invested by the fund. The tax reduction rate is increased to 30% of the sums invested by the fund for specialized “Corsica” and “Overseas” FIPs.

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