How Much for a Seminar Room Rental in Trets?

For the organization of a large seminar or a large meeting, you will necessarily need a large space. You can then rent a large room for the occasion. In Trets, you will find areas that can provide you with a room for your seminar at affordable prices. Discover the prices offered in Trets for the rental of a seminar room.

Rental price of a seminar room with special services
In Trets, there are estates that have plenary rooms that can accommodate 250 people. You will also find breakout rooms that can each accommodate 10 to 100 people. You will have a special team which is at your entire disposal for a perfect organization of your events.

In addition, you will have catering services. The price proposal for a room is based on a study and a personalized estimate in relation to your request. Note that, for the welcome coffee, rental and lunch, it starts from 27 euros per person. However, if you have any doubts, you can ask an agency for a quote for the rental of a seminar room .

Rental price of a seminar room in a hotel estate
You will also find in Trets areas a bit like hotels or quite sophisticated guest houses. These places are very favorable for business meetings, study days or even large seminars. In addition, these areas have seminar rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people. You will also find rooms for the accommodation of guests at your events.
The restoration is one of the appreciable things. We offer you a light and very refined cuisine combining taste, texture and colors. All of these services are very affordable. Thus, for a day of study, you will have a room from 77 euros including tax for one person. Note that, for the organization of a residential seminar, you have a room from 200 euros including tax per person.

Rental price of a bright and stylish seminar room
You will also find estates in Trets which have very welcoming seminar rooms to accommodate several types of events. That is to say a marriage, a baptism, a communion or a marriage.

They offer a fairly large space with a bright and stylish interior. The rental of one of these rooms for a seminar starts at 800 euros.

To find the organization of your seminars, there are several areas in Trets which offer rooms at advantageous prices. You should know that these prices are variable according to your needs.

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