5 Golden Rules of Natural Referencing

Do you manage your company’s website? Do you want to boost your visibility to increase traffic on your site, and therefore improve your turnover? Think about working on your natural referencing! Some practices are very easy to set up and ensure a clear improvement in your positioning in Google results.

80% of customers arrive on a site by typing a query into a search engine. If you want to increase the traffic on your site, you must therefore improve your positioning in this ranking. By working on a few key points of your site, you considerably increase your chances of extending your visibility throughout Switzerland, but also abroad.

Define yourself!

Above all, it is important that you clearly define who you are , what you do , and what you offer . Identify the main terms that define your business and make a list of keywords .

Then use those keywords in your content in a smart way, so that Google quickly sees what your site is about . He will then be able to position you positively during research related to your activity.

Optimize your site

These keywords should be used in specific places on your site: in tags. These are the elements that define the structure and construction of your site.

Some tags are extremely relevant to Google because they allow it to directly understand the purpose of the site.

However, avoid integrating your keywords in an abusive manner, as Google will consider this to be “cheating” and may severely penalize your site.

Think “content”

Content has become the most important criterion for the natural referencing of a website. Google must detect that you are offering quality content to your Internet users, that your site is interesting and that the information present is up- to-date.

Think “structure”

Your site should be easy to navigate for your Internet users, and easy to understand for search engines.

Make connections

The links on your site allow Google to assess its popularity, an elementary criterion to determine its positioning. So build a strategy of internal links (between different pages of your site) and external (make sure you are mentioned by quality links) while respecting Google’s rules (the abusive use of links can also be penalized) .

All of these practices are fairly straightforward to implement, but it is important to understand how Google works in order to use them properly . Indeed, an application that is too light, too important or badly thought out will be more harmful than beneficial to you. It is therefore recommended that you contact an agency specializing in natural referencing , which can ensure you a better place in Google’s results in the long term.

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