How to Optimize your Site for SEO?

SEO is the key to visibility on the internet
Today with the amount of traffic on the web, it is not always easy to find a specific page you are looking for online since the internet has over a billion of them. It is at this stage that referencing takes on all its importance; how else do you think search engines can find your website. To enjoy good visibility on the internet you need to have good SEO.
SEO is a set of techniques that puts your site on the first pages of search results in search engines so that Internet users can find you easily. Positioning in search results is very important because statistics have shown that only 20% of Internet users consult the second page of responses on Google.

Indexing consists of making your site known to search tools. All these points make up together to give good SEO. You still have to differentiate natural referencing from advertising or sponsored referencing. Natural referencing consists in optimizing your site to make it appear in the natural results. It can take a very long time for your site to become popular, so it should have good traffic.
The second type of referencing is paying; it is obtained by paying to appear on the first page in an area called “commercial links”. Note that the two types of SEO are not really competitive, they are rather complementary, as implies in its blog.

Optimize the referencing of your site

If you have understood that SEO is very important for knowing your site, then you need to take action real fast. If you can’t pay for SEO advertising, techniques exist to improve your site’s SEO. You will therefore adopt them to optimize your site so that it ranks in the results of search engines. The first point is to modify its content; it is better to have a site with real content.

You have to place keywords per page, with Google’s new keyword research tool called Search-based Keyword, keyword strategy research will be easier. Your web pages should not be too heavy, 100 KB is already not bad. You will have many external links promoting rapid indexing of your site. Use simple URLs which will make it easier for Internet users to remember them and to come back often.

Remember to update your site because new content would force search engines to come back to your site and thus facilitate indexing. SEO to be effective must be done by people who know how search engines work. This is why the SEOh agency in partnership with RocketLinks provides you with professionals to help you in the natural referencing of your site.

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