How to use Technology to your Advantage

Troubleshooting has always been a tough business. Between angry and frustrated drivers, dangerous road conditions and traffic, this area is unlike any other.

And if you add to that the economic pressures on small businesses and the difficult relationship with the insurance market, you’ll understand that convenience stores and payday company owners are confused about where to turn. This is where the wheat from the chaff should be separated. Helpdesk owners who are smart, efficient, and use technology to their advantage can not only survive tough business times, but they can also take advantage of them to thrive.

Reduced response times
Getting stuck in traffic is the worst thing that can happen. This affects employee productivity and greatly affects the quality of your service and your planning. For a convenience store, getting to the scene quickly can make all the difference in the end result and reduce customer frustration.

The key is above all to avoid traffic jams, which poses some difficulties when your business is to arrive at the scene of a vehicle breakdown or accident. The WEBFLEET platform takes advantage of a complex network of real-time traffic data and uses advanced calculation algorithms to communicate highly accurate traffic information to drivers. They can even be alerted to vehicle tailgating situations, which could force them to suddenly brake.

With WEBFLEET’s real-time traffic display, which helps predict and avoid traffic jams accurately, troubleshooters have the tools they need to bypass traffic jams and slowdowns .

Improved customer service
Drivers who have broken down or been in an accident are already angry. Fleet management can alleviate a customer’s frustration because by using telematics technology your coordinators will be able to get tow trucks to the customer’s vehicle faster. WEBFLEET helps to increase visibility of the location of drivers and vehicles of a recovery company.

This helps reduce waiting time on the side of the road and improve communication between the coordination team and the caller. Customers waiting for an intervention can then know the precise and realistic arrival time of the tow truck. WEBFLEET also provides recovery companies with a very precise audit trail of the activities carried out by their drivers on the road,

Better visibility of the activity
When you know where your employees are on the road, you can make more effective decisions and manage their time better. Effective coordination allows a tow truck to answer a few extra calls per day, which can translate into increased turnover.

The telematics technology offered by a fleet management solution also enables PTO tracking, so that troubleshooters can monitor vehicle behavior and link driver and vehicle activity to calls managed by the coordination team. This helps to eliminate ghost repairs and achieve honest reporting of driver activity. Reports generated by today’s next-generation fleet management solutions empower convenience stores with key insights that help them make better business decisions.

In addition, very strong integrations allow repair companies to transfer or combine data from their fleet management solution with data from other back-office applications on which the industry relies, such as S2R, GTIR or Mondial Assistance.
Continuous support for a safer driving style
The pressure exerted by the insurance companies on the whole breakdown recovery sector pushes the breakdown services to ensure that their drivers adopt irreproachable behavior and constantly obey the Highway Code. But it’s just impossible for a business owner or operator to keep tabs on all of their drivers at the same time.

New generation fleet management solutions such as WEBFLEET offer a unique answer to this problem. In addition to the GPS functions they offer in the passenger compartment, they provide real-time advice to drivers. It is as if the driver’s boss is sitting next to him in the passenger seat. Drivers receive feedback before, during and after their workday, alerting them to any driving problems, such as aggressive driving, sharp turns or hard braking.

Audible and visual signals emitted by the fleet management solution and Bluetooth® connectivity also eliminate distractions for drivers while allowing them to keep an eye on the road and their hands on the wheel. The satellite navigation of the fleet management solution allows drivers to always be informed of the speed limit so that they respect it.

Working in the troubleshooting and repair industry is tough enough today. Business owners must constantly strive to be more efficient and productive to keep their business running smoothly and reduce the frustration of their customers. But with all the benefits of next-generation fleet management, it would be a shame not to consider going beyond GPS functionality.

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