Is SEO Still Accessible In 2021?

The SEO war is invisible, but has been raging for a while now. E-commerce has understood the interest of this and large companies have already developed inbound marketing strategies coupled with SEO to appear where their customers are. What about you? Is it still possible to rank on the first page of Google? Is it too late to get into the race? Are you doomed to pay to drive traffic to your website?

Is SEO Still Accessible In 2021?

At the agency, we have our little habits. One of them is to bet on the SEO difficulty scores of our new clients. Of course, all this is done without fatalism and no money is involved, but it is still very revealing.
We are aware that, on the internet, not all industries are equal in terms of competition and that, regardless of the size of a company, it is possible to emerge. However, traffic acquisition strategies can be costly and that is why the state of our industry or our field and the competition that reigns there are indicators of the budget that will have to be released in order to gain market share.

The different markets
As francophones we are very happy to be able to say it: We are lucky not to be anglophones. The reason is as follows: competition on the internet is much more developed for the English-speaking market and keywords are rarely overlooked. The keyword war is much fiercer because there are many more players and even more sophisticated marketing practices.
The size of the English-speaking market is also much larger than the French-speaking market, which is why we must put it into perspective. On the other hand, it is very educational and interesting to take an interest in what is happening in this market.

What about your French company in 2021?
It will not have escaped anyone’s notice that 2020 will have been a trigger in the popularization of the internet on the part of consumers and businesses alike. Repeated lockdowns have changed the way we think about trade. What was to take 10 years has accelerated dramatically. Internet sales, home delivery, click and collect have found an audience in France and all professionals want their share of the pie.

Does this situation still leave you a place for an SEO strategy?
From our point of view the answer is clear: today more than ever. French companies are still too inefficient in their marketing strategies and practices to have killed the market. On the contrary, it has never been so possible to exist as a new kid. We will have to arm ourselves with best practices and have the right reflexes from the start to gain market share as quickly as possible, gain authority and then shine in the eyes of Google and its customers.

Does easy SEO exist?
If you are a little familiar with SEO you will know that it takes preparation, technique and constant work. However, it is true that we have had very rapid results for a particular population: artisans. They operate in local markets in specific trades which limits their competition and allows very rapid results.

What should we take away from it?
SEO in 2021 is still possible and even recommended. You have to position yourself in relation to your budget, your skills and the overall strategy that has been initiated.

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