Improve Your Internet Connection Tips to Boost It

There are a dozen solutions to help you improve your home’s Internet speed or extend the range of your WiFi.

Improve Your Internet Connection Tips to Boost It

What tips to improve your Internet speed?

With the spread of teleworking and the proliferation of video-conferences, the French perceive any cut or slowness in their Internet connection. To remedy this, ten solutions exist

Speed   test: what is your internet speed?

[INTERNET DEBIT TEST] Whatever your operator – Bouygues, Free, Orange or SFR, and whether you are connected to ADSL, fiber or 4G, Wi-Fi or wired, this Internet speed test will help you. will tell if your connection is up to par.

Improve your connection by an Ethernet cable connected to the box

The most effective solution to maximize your connection is wired. A widespread solution since the majority (55%) of French households choose to connect an Ethernet cable to their box, according to a study carried out in December 2020 by the polling institute OpinionWay for the IGNES union.

This cable, used for the transmission of computer data, allows you to connect a device (console, TV decoder, computer, etc.) to your Internet box. There are two types of Ethernet cables: the single-stranded cable and the more flexible multi-strand cable. Both, to be able to be connected, must end with an RJ45 connector.

The advantage of the Ethernet cable: its low consumption

Its disadvantage: the immobilization of the device.

Improve your connection with an RJ45 multimedia network

So as not to be constrained by a cable to be connected directly to your Internet box, it is possible to install a network of RJ45 sockets at home, like a network of electrical sockets. The two generally share the same starting point: the electrical panel, of which one or more rows will be dedicated to RJ45 networks.

This is referred to as a communication board or box. The principle: to have in each room where it is useful an RJ45 socket to connect the device of your choice, as if an Internet box were present in each of the rooms. The Internet box will actually be close to the communication box, to connect to it, and thus distribute the Internet signal.

To install an RJ45 socket, it must be connected by wiring to the communication box by pulling the cable, cut the sheath to pass it through the socket and place the wires in the notches. 4 twisted pair copper cable with shielding, minimum grade 2 TV or grade 3 TV, must be used.

For the energy and security digital engineering industry union IGNES, the RJ45 socket is the best option promoting very good flow in all rooms of the home in a stable manner. “Security is reinforced because it is more complicated for a cyber-attacker to attack the wired, where he does not have access to the equipment, than to WiFi”, specifies Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert, general delegate.

The advantage of the RJ45 multimedia network: an RJ45 multimedia socket relays 100% of the incoming speed

Its drawback: “It has only been widespread in new housing since 2016,” says Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert.

Improve your connection with the PLC

The CPL , for power line carriers, makes it possible to build a computer network on the electrical network of a home. The signal propagates over the electrical installation and can be received and decoded remotely.

In December 2011, the CPL-G3 protocol was standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for use in smart grids. This protocol is used in particular for the operation of the Linky communicating electricity meter.

The advantage of the CPL: it is not necessary to pull an additional electric wire

Its drawback: “The PLC easily picks up electrical interference which makes its degree of stability very variable, which limits its performance,” warns Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert. And the more equipment there is connected by the PLC, the lower the speed.

Improve your connection by updating your equipment

Like any connected object, the Internet box is a physical piece of equipment that must be updated regularly so that its capacities remain optimal. A simple solution to start with to improve your throughput.

Improve your connection by looking for the right location for your Internet box

The location of your box is very important for good signal distribution. An Internet box generally has a range of 20 to 50 meters indoors. The further away from it, the stronger the signal weakens. To maximize its connection, it is necessary to find the right position, in a central and clear area one meter above the ground. For example, if you want to have a good connection in a room – your office for example – and on your patio, it is best to place it near the room window facing the outside. Another advice, it is better to avoid installing the box too close to other electronic equipment.

Improve your connection with WiFi repeaters

A WiFi repeater is a small box that is plugged into an electrical outlet in a room to “repeat” the signal emitted by an Internet box and increase network coverage. This option nevertheless leaves Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert mixed: “Repeaters increase the portability of WiFi but do not have a better speed. Especially in WiFi, users only benefit from 60% of the speed. arrival, then divided according to the number of connected devices. “

The advantage of the WiFi repeater: it extends Internet coverage

Its disadvantage: repeaters do not increase the speed of the box but its range.

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